UiNui Team Portfolio

HealthGrades HealthGrades (2011 – Present)
Java – Dari, JSP, JAXRS; .NET – C#, Entity Framework, Dependency Injection; Solr, Loggly, MySQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS
HealthGrades is America’s most trusted source for researching and selecting physicians and hospitals. Used by more than 100 million people a year, HealthGrades has redefined how patients search, evaluate, compare and establish sustained relationships with health care providers.

( http://www.healthgrades.com/ )

Comcast Comcast (2010 – Present)
Java – Spring Framework; Perl, Ajax, CSS, Oracle, Telecom
Reconciliation of provisioned resources with load and usage along with a web based front end for monitoring processes and configuration.

( http://www.comcast.com/ )

Sequoia Community Sequoia Community (2010 – Present)
PHP 5, MySQL, CSS, MODx CMF, Multilingual Suport, Project Management, Business Analysis, QA, Documentation, Amazon EC2 Migration
A platform for analyzing consumer behavior and experience.

( http://sequoiacommunity.co )

Kaango Kaango (2010 – Present)
Zend Framework, PHP 5, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX/jQuery/Google Closure), Apache Solr, Amazon S3, EC2
Hosted enterprise advertisement solution for businesses.

( http://www.kaango.com )

Canady's Corner Canady’s Corner (2009 – Present)
Drupal 6, PHP 5, MySQL, Apache, CSS, Project Management, Business Analysis
Promotional campaign website for Non-Profit organizations.

( http://www.canadyscorner.com )

HiHoJobs HiHoJobs (2009)
Drupal 6, PHP 5, MySQL
A new job site simplifying job searching and candidate matching.

Thus Thought Thus Thought (2008 – Present)
Drupal 6, PHP 5, MySQL, Apache, CSS, Project Management, Business Analysis
A nonprofit focused on improving the quality of rural education in Nepal.

( http://thusthought.org )

EWM EWMS (2004 – 2011)
Java, Web (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP, jMaki, Struts), XML, SQL, PL/SQL, CVS, ANT, Eclipse
Apache 1.3/2.2 Web Server, BEA Weblogic Server, Tomcat 6, Oracle 9i/10g, Sun Solaris, Linux
A complex web-based deferred compensation financial management application for executives.

( https://www.ewmglobal.com )

eMarkets NetOrder, NetSales (2008 – 2009)
OO Perl, Web (HTML, CSS, XSLT, Javascript), PL/SQL, SVN, CVS, mod_perl, Apache, RedHat Linux, Oracle 9i/10g
A software service to manage seed supply channel of agricultural industry.

( http://e-markets.com/ )

ROIRocket SurveyClub, Traffic Swarm, NetSleuth (2007 – 2008)
PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, SQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, Apache, mod_perl, MySQL
An affiliate network linking online merchants to owners of high traffic/high usage websites.

( http://www.roirocket.com/ )

Raytheon Cache System (2005 – 2006)
CSS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Apache, mod_perl
Synchronize content for a distributed server system.

Raytheon EJ (2004 – 2005)
Web (CSS, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Portlets, JSP), Java, Windows
A web based, distributed application using WebMethods to service thin clients on a heterogeneous platform.

Raytheon PR (2006)
A large data management system.

Raytheon GPN (2005 – 2006)
Java, Apache DBTorque, Oracle Toplink, Sun Solaris
A graphical mapping tool for object-relational mapping.

Raytheon IMM (2005)
J2EE, JAAS, LDAP, Windows
A distributed application to service thick clients.

Regis University RegisNET (2002 – 2003)
JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, Windows
University intranet for students, faculty, and staff.

( http://insite.regis.edu )

4Suite.org 4Suite (2001 – 2002)
Python, XML, XSLT, RDF
An open source server with tools for XML processing and object repository management.

( http://4suite.org/ )

Sony DesktopFreedom (2001)
Java, Mercury WinRunner
Web-based online service that allowed users to store accessible and sharable files in secure web servers.

Webb Interactive SiteBuilder (2000 – 2001)
J2EE, JSP, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, UML, OO, Weblogic Server
An automated web site publishing system designed for small business owners.

Webb Interactive Request, Notify, Promote, Discussion (2000)
Request (Customer/Client interaction management), Notify (Customer contact management), Promote (Web-based promotion campaign), and Discussions (Online Forum)

Raytheon CP (1999 – 2004)
Web (HTML, JavaScript, CGI), Database (SQL, PL/SQL), C++, Sun Solaris (Perl, Shell Scripting)
An HTTP interface between CP and external systems.